Flying Health Trend Breakfast

Flying Health Top-5 Trends: The Must-Haves for the German Healthcare System in 2022 

The new year has begun and the signs are already pointing to change: Germany welcomes a new health minister, Paris is working on a digital health reimbursement scheme on a national scale, and new digital health companies with innovative digital solutions are arising all over the world. With the Flying Trendreport and the new Trend Breakfast, we would like to focus on the essentials and discuss the top 5 trends for the German healthcare market in 2022, including their risks and side effects, with you. What impact will platforms and mega M&As by digital health startups have on the market? How will digital health actually find its way into healthcare? And how can new topic areas such as prevention and senior care be conquered? 

Let our Trendreport and the discussion inspire you and deduce which decisions and actions will be necessary in 2022!