Flying Health Trend Breakfast

Zuckerberg’s Brave New World: Why the Metaverse will radically change the healthcare market 

At the latest with Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement, the metaverse has become a reality and is turning out to be the next stage in the development of the internet and social technology. While for some this digital parallel world is not yet tangible, other companies are already thinking about how they can be present in the metaverse and which services can be offered. 

For the healthcare sector, too, the fusion of the real world with digital virtuality offers great potential, if used adequately.  

With our Trend Breakfast, we would like to give you the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and risks of the metaverse for the players in the healthcare market. What role will the metaverse play in the future? Will it revolutionize the healthcare market in the long term? And what could the range of services of such a Health-a-verse look like in practice?