Case Studies

Our case studies are selected examples of how we work with our partners. They provide insights into current challenges, approaches, and the impact of our partnership program.

Case Study: DiGA „HelloBetter ratiopharm Chronical Pain“

Together with our partner Teva and its drug brand ratiopharm, which is known throughout Germany, we took on the challenge of developing DiGA focused on chronical pain of fibromyalgia patients. We accompanied the pharmaceutical manufacturer and his partner HelloBetter from the process of expert matching, through the phase of startup scouting to the official launch of the DiGA “HelloBetter ratiopharm Chronic Pain“.


How can new technologies improve healthcare for fibromyalgia (FMS) patients? Together with ratiopharm, we addressed this question within our current case study project. More than one million patients in Germany suffer from chronic pain caused by a fibromyalgia indication. At the same time, the market for digital solutions in the field of healthcare is growing steadily. Since the German Digital Health Care Act (DVG) came into effect in 2019, the market for digital health applications (DiGA), which are supposed to offer patients new added value in treatment and therapy of specific diseases, has flourished. At this time, no digital solution specifically for FMS patients existed in the German heathcare market. Together, we took on the challenge of developing a digital product focused on chronic pain of fibromyalgia patients. The aim of our collaboration was to develop a joint digital health application listed in the DiGA directory of the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) and thus eligible for reimbursement by statutory health insurers in Germany.


Flying Health was an essential source of inspiration and sparring partner for the development of our DiGA strategy.“ – Dr. Hanne Horvath, HelloBetter

“In the beginning, there was a strategy and a startup scanner” – together with our team, Teva started exploring the digital health space, aiming to find the best strategy for developing a new DiGA business model. Our first joint strategy workshop clearly showed that a strong startup partner with medical know-how and DiGA expertise would be crucial for the development phase of the digital companion. The joint workshop was followed by a startup scanner with >10 potential cooperation partners within and outside the Flying Health eco-system. In the subsequent expert matching, we matched Teva with the prioritized startups in carefully prepared 1:1 meetings. The aim of the meetings was to match the respective skills and strategic interests in order to identify the best cooperation partner. Successfully: the Berlin-based mental health company HelloBetter showed great interest and was able to comprehensively contribute its expertise to the process right from the start. We accompanied both partners along the process of cooperation from the first networking to the contract negotiations, which also marked the beginning of the joint DiGA process. During this phase and the subsequent application and product launch, we supported HelloBetter and Teva as strategic sparring partners in terms of business model and sales strategy development. We were pleased to moderate the press conference for the official DiGA launch.

Impact & Results

Since December 20, the therapy course “HelloBetter ratiopharm Chronic Pain” has been admitted to the DiGA directory and can be prescribed by German physicians and reimbursed by statutory health insurers for a duration of use of 90 days and an amount of 599 Euros based on the Digital Care Act (DVG). With the digital health application, both partners are making an important contribution in the field of digital pain interventions and the treatment of chronic pain patients with FMS. As a partner, we supported both companies strategically and communicatively until the official DiGA launch. Together with Teva, we are working on several joint projects in the areas of business model and strategy development in a long-term partnership. In this project, the following Flying Health Services were used:

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Startup Scanner
  • Expert Matching 
  • Strategy Sparring
  • Communications & Network

„Where other consultancies stop, Flying Health takes the reins. The team connected us with our current partner HelloBetter and provided professional support until the collaboration contract was signed and our joint DiGA was launched.”– Christine Kreutzer, Teva ratiopharm

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