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We focus on market access for digital health products. Our aim for startups is successful market entry. We are stage agnostic and offer support to startups in (really) early to late stages. To us, the team’s vision and passion as well as their product ideas are the deciding factors when choosing which startups fit our ecosystem.

How we work

We believe in the power of a well-formed ecosystem, and a perfect fit is our goal. By connecting your startup with the right partners, opening selected opportunities such as participating at exclusive events or initiating a pilot, and by openly discussing and sharing ideas, we offer a unique form of support. We are stage-agnostic in our approach: We enjoy working with digital health startups in all stages, from those scribbled on the back of napkins to those with existing products.

Why to get in contact

At Flying Health, we believe an immersive ecosystem fosters successful partnerships. With our extensive expertise and network, we offer individual support to digital health entrepreneurs and startups to jointly reach our mission of transforming healthcare. Have we piqued your interest? Sign up here and show us your non-confidential pitch-deck. We’re looking forward to getting in touch.

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Arya provides solutions for patients suffering from depression as well as their therapists. Its vision is to build a platform for digital depression therapy and to customize therapy to the patient's needs using artificial intelligence.


Caterna treats amblyopia through non-invasive brain stimulation, using visual patterns related to Nobel Prize-winning clinical research. The stimulation is delivered through online games, making the visual training easily accessible for children with amblyopia. Flying Health brought Caterna to reimbursement in 2014, the first Digital Drug to be reimbursed in Germany.


Clue is a female health app developed by the Berlin-based technology company BioWink GmbH. The app has over 2.5 million users from 180 different countries.


GYANT offers AI-enhanced patient engagement solutions that help health systems and health plans to better triage, treat, educate and support patients along the patient journey.


HappyMed are pioneers of Audiovisual Medicine. They use video glasses to provide entertainment and diversion to patients during medical treatment. By watching movies of their choosing, patients feel less nervous, anxious, worried or uncomfortable during the course of the treatment.


heartbeat ONE, heartbeat’s product, supports medical professionals in the preparation, documentation and evaluation of medical interventions. It captures everything from surgery to prescription changes and incorporates patient-reported outcomes in its analysis, for precise outcome management.


imito’s apps are intelligent helpers in everyday clinical practice. Photo documentation, second opinion via chat, digital wound measurement and paper scans are immediately available in the electronic medical record.


M-sense is a certified medical app fights against migraines and tension headaches in a targeted manner. It allows patients to easily document symptoms and medications. Using this personalized information in combination with external data, the app identifies triggers for migraines and headaches, and suggests suitable interventions for prevention and therapy.


myo is a messaging platform for the elderly care market. It connects caregivers and therapists with the relatives of the seniors. Through pictures, videos or voice messages, family members can finally manage and participate in the life of their loved ones – safe, direct and transparent.


mySugr offers app-based comprehensive care to minimize the daily hurdles of diabetes patients. With their products, mySugr provides coordinated solutions that simplify daily diabetes management.


neotiv develops a mobile app designed for tracking and promoting cognitive health. The app will detect cognitive problems associated with aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and help improving individual risk profiles for cognitive decline by tracking lifestyle influences on cognition.


Onelife develops solutions that promote healthy behavior through digital products. Its latest product, Femisphere, guides mothers with children under the age of one between doctors visits and connects them with healthcare professionals when needed.


Patientus offers a platform for online video consultation and communication between doctors and their patients. It caters not only to initial contact, but also to second opinions and aftercare, thereby offering its patients a point of contact along the patient journey.


Preventicus develops products that capture and analyze health parameters for early preclinical risk screening. One of its products uses a smartphone's camera or smartwatch to capture atrial fibrillation, a major cause of stroke.


Sympatient develops a virtual reality solution for psychotherapy. It offers a completely new form of prevention and therapy for people who suffer from anxiety disorder.