About us


Right in the center of Berlin, we are fostering the leading ecosystem for next generation healthcare with experts from the worlds of healthcare, science, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Dr. Markus Müschenich

Managing Partner

Markus is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Berlin-based Flying Health. He is a board-certified pediatrician and holds a Masters degree in Public Health. For more than 10 years he has been a board member of non-profit and private hospital groups. He is founder and board member of the German Association for Internet Medicine. Markus is regarded as a specialist in digital medicine.


Christian Lautner

Managing Partner

Christian is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Flying Health. In 2007 he co-founded imedo.de, one of the first German doctor-rating platforms. He later joined qualitaetskliniken.de as CEO, where he worked to make hospital quality comparable, and accessible to everyone via digital means. Digital Health is a passion that Christian has been following as an entrepreneur and investor for over ten years.


Laura Wamprecht

Director Pioneer Program

Laura is responsible for strengthening and maintaining our ecosystem for next generation healthcare, bringing health industry corporates and digital health startups together. She joined Flying Health as the first employee in 2015. Laura holds a master degree in biochemistry. Fascinated by the internal molecular organization of cells, she enjoys connecting dots and building networks in many contexts.


Lina Behrens

Director Digital Drugs

Lina joined in 2018 as Director of the Digital Drugs team to build innovative ideas into digital drugs. Previously, she worked with payers and providers, pharma and clinical research whilst at The Boston Consulting Group and at Social Finance UK, before joining a company builder in Colombia. Lina holds an MPA from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Economics and in International Affairs from the University of St.Gallen.


Christina Kümper

Office Management

Christina is the vital center of Flying Health. She joined in 2016 and has deftly managed ourselves and our office ever since, keeping all our appointments, venues and well-being orderly and cared for. Before Flying Health she worked as an executive assistant in various industries. Christina holds a master’s degree in German philology and Romance studies.


Natascha Prieß

Partner Relationship Management

Natascha holds a master degree in psychology and is also a certified holistic health coach. Early on in her studies, she focused on identifying health risk factors in the workplace, and on designing concepts for occupational health promotion. Her work in digital health began with a scientific evaluation of an online therapy aimed at reducing risk factors for depression and anxiety. This work brought Natascha to the Flying Health team in 2018, where she runs partner management, striving daily to ensure the success of our collaborations.


Julia Niklewski

Junior Partner Relationship Manager

Julia joined Flying Health as a Junior Partner Relationship Manager in 2019, where she works on strengthening our collaborations within the digital healthcare ecosystem. Julia holds a master degree in Health Care Management and Social Policy from the London Metropolitan University, a diploma in Global Mental Health from the Nova Medical School Lisbon, and a bachelor degree in Health Economics from the Hochschule Fresenius Munich. Besides her studies, Julia gained practical experiences at various stakeholders of the German healthcare system, ranging from health insurer, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry.


Laura Nelde

Associate Digital Drugs

Laura joined the Flying Health team in 2018, where she gets to combine her interests in both the startup world and healthcare and is constantly looking for new companies in digital health. After an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management and several internships in industry, startups and a VC, Laura pursued a Master’s degree in Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Cambridge where she gained a deeper understanding of the challenges life science companies face.


Christiane Meyer

Trend Research & Corporate Foresight

Christiane is passionate about improving health and providing added value to patients. Since her master's degree in medical neurosciences didn’t seem to get her there fast enough, she joined Flying Health in 2016. She is our crystal ball, keeping abreast on what is happening in the world (of healthcare) and figuring out what the next generation(s) of healthcare will look like.


Theresa Willem

Product & Tech

Theresa joined the Flying Health team in 2016 as a working student and started full time in May 2018. She studied media science to the master’s level and has foremost worked with media archeology and new technologies. She also has a background in radio production and event management and is passionate about finding – next to the right desserts for our Fireside Chats – the right technologies for our next digital drug.


And many more...