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Right in the center of Berlin, we are fostering the leading ecosystem for next generation healthcare with experts from the worlds of healthcare, science, entrepreneurship, and technology.


Laura Wamprecht

Managing Director

Laura Wamprecht is the Managing Director at Flying Health, the leading ecosystem for next-generation healthcare. The biochemist joined the company as the first employee back in 2015 and during this time gained a strong understanding and broad market knowledge in the still emerging branch of digital health in Germany and Europe. Through close collaboration with leading players of the healthcare industry and startup-world, she developed and accompanies numerous business models, strategies, digital health products for a better healthcare. As one of the leading digital health experts in Germany, she contributes her knowledge in various publications and is a regularly requested expert for keynote speeches and panel discussions.

Partner & Startup Relations

Dr. Florian Koerber

Head of Startup Relations

Nora Müller

Head of Health Insurance

Serap Konak

Senior Partner Relationship Manager

Karen Piontek

Senior Partner Relationship Manager

Alexander Janßen

Senior Partner Relationship Manager

Josephine Jakob

Partner Relationship Manager

Dr. Lena Kieseler

Senior Startup Relationship Manager

Dr. Rabea Stockert

Partner Relationship Manager

Len-Philipp Ortlepp

Startup Relationship Manager

Yannik Kempf

Partner Relationship Associate


Ann-Kathrin Weigand

Senior Insights Manager

Laura Nelde

Senior Insights Manager

Jennifer Ruffert


Sarah Bender


Gregor Spitta



Dr. Martin Kalscheuer

Head of Operations

Lisa Murche

Communications & PR Manager

Sabina Freund

HR & Recruiting Manager

Lilia Kotchoubey

Compliance & Finance Manager