Welcome to Flying Health Academy.

In addition to our well-known and popular Flying Health Membership offers and our consulting services, we are finally meeting the recurring demand: In the future, partners will be able to benefit from Flying Health’s industry knowledge. Whether it’s the onboarding of new employees or the qualification of your existing staff – our content conveys everything you need to know about health innovation.

With the Academy, we are finally offering exclusive remote training, onboarding formats and personnel development. The courses cover a variety of relevant content on various topics from the innovation areas of digital health, sustainability and demography. In addition to digital learning units, selected teaching materials can be downloaded in PDF form by participants and documented via proof of success. In addition, Flying Health offers the possibility of individualized master classes for your company (e.g. in a focus indication or region).

The knowledge units prepared and offered by us can be chosen depending on the level of knowledge and needs of the respective participants. Learning in small groups and an interactive learning atmosphere is important to us.