Flying Health pioneers next generation healthcare

Made of bits and bytes

At Flying Health, we are paving the path for next generation healthcare. Our Pioneer Program for corporate partners and our focus as a Digital Biotech company developing Digital Drugs, places us at the forefront of tomorrow’s healthcare.

The Flying Health Pioneer Program guides industry leaders in healthcare, providing them with corporate foresight and focusing on business in the next generation of healthcare.

We are a Digital Biotech company with a growing pipeline of Digital Drugs. Our drugs – comprised of bits and bytes – have the potential to help humans live better.

Our Offer

For Corporates

We have a proven track record of focusing on market access for digital health products. Through our Pioneer Program, we work closely with industry leaders as they find their footing in the digital healthcare industry.
All of our partners and startups are dedicated to driving innovation. We act as an ecosystem for trailblazers and offer knowledge, a well-connected network and an inclination towards execution: we want the business of tomorrow to happen today.
We constantly screen the market to detect early signals of future trends in healthcare and other industries. We connect the right people on projects and collaborations. Are you interested in hearing more about the Pioneer Program? Write to us at

Our Offer

For Strategic Partners and Investors

We are a Digital Biotech company developing a strong pipeline of Digital Drugs.
A Digital Drug is a purely software-generated medical stimulus that triggers a direct physiological response. They address the causes of a disease rather than dealing with any symptoms, typically by training, stimulating or modulating specific parts of the nervous system associated with the disease. At Flying Health, we believe that Digital Drugs have the potential to treat a lot of illnesses. Our products are medically proven, developed by scientists with high ethical standards. Our first focus areas for Digital Drugs are ophthalmology, immunology and mental health and neurological diseases.
We are looking for strategic partners and investors to jointly develop new products and enhance our pipeline. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us at

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