We work on next generation healthcare made of bits and bytes

We develop digital drugs

At Flying Health, we build serious digital health companies. Each of them develops next generation therapies – made of bits and bytes. We call them digital drugs.

Right in the center of Berlin, our experts from the worlds of science, business and technology work the Flying Health digital drug pipeline. Smart value chains make them available worldwide.

Our mission is to improve human health using digital approaches. We discover innovative ideas in our science lab, validate them clinically and build them into digital drug companies.

How we work with


At Flying Health, we focus on serious digital health. We have been a trusted partner to our digital health startups since 2013, working closely with founders during both early and later stages. We address technical questions such as clinical validation and medical device certification, offer expertise related to market access, and support founders in their search for the right investors and exits.

We believe that the therapies of the next decade will be made of bits and bytes. The latest companies in our portfolio have been built inside Flying Health, focusing on these next generation therapies. To do so, we established a science lab as part of the company building team, where outstanding scientists work on discovering innovative digital drug ideas. We then build these ideas into digital drugs bringing together expertise in science, tech, product and business. Backed by the company building team we launch new ventures with strong founders and lead them through clinical validation and market access, to finally scale them into successful digital drug companies.

We would be happy to hear about your startup or idea, or get to know you if you are a scientist or entrepreneur interested in joining us to build digital drugs. Please contact us via startup@flyinghealth.com or the form on the bottom of this page.

How we work with


At Flying Health, we believe that sustainable partnerships drive innovation and successful business. Thus, we established the Flying Health partner program: A network of visionary industry leaders coming from and moving into healthcare.

Our partners are part of a thriving ecosystem that fosters the development of innovative products and new business models. We provide each of them with relevant insights reflecting the latest market trends. We connect them to startups that match their digital strategies and provide a community that encourages sustainable collaboration. We maintain fruitful relationships with our partners through exclusive event formats, workshops, and other tailored services. Through the Flying Health partner program, we develop and disseminate a deep knowledge about the future of healthcare, technology and the process of scaling a digital health business. Together, we reach for a pole position in the emerging digital healthcare market.

Our collaborators


Arya provides solutions for patients suffering from depression as well as their therapists. Its vision is to build a platform for digital depression therapy and to customize therapy to the patient's needs using artificial intelligence.


Caterna treats amblyopia through non-invasive brain stimulation, using visual patterns related to Nobel Prize-winning clinical research. The stimulation is delivered through online games, making the visual training easily accessible for children with amblyopia. Flying Health brought Caterna to reimbursement in 2014, the first Digital Drug to be reimbursed in Germany.


Clue is a female health app developed by the Berlin-based technology company BioWink GmbH. The app has over 2.5 million users from 180 different countries.


Dopavision is developing a Digital Drug to treat myopia by stimulating the brain through the optic nerve. This is achieved by a smart wearable device that illuminates the retina invisibly to activate the system responsible for regulating eyeball size.


HappyMed are pioneers of Audiovisual Medicine. They use video glasses to provide entertainment and diversion to patients during medical treatment. By watching movies of their choosing, patients feel less nervous, anxious, worried or uncomfortable during the course of the treatment.


heartbeat ONE, heartbeat’s product, supports medical professionals in the preparation, documentation and evaluation of medical interventions. It captures everything from surgery to prescription changes and incorporates patient-reported outcomes in its analysis, for precise outcome management.


M-Sense is a certified medical app fights against migraines and tension headaches in a targeted manner. It allows patients to easily document symptoms and medications. Using this personalized information in combination with external data, the app identifies triggers for migraines and headaches, and suggests suitable interventions for prevention and therapy.


mySugr offers app-based comprehensive care to minimize the daily hurdles of diabetes patients. With their products, mySugr provides coordinated solutions that simplify daily diabetes management.


neotiv develops a mobile app designed for tracking and promoting cognitive health. The app will detect cognitive problems associated with aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and help improving individual risk profiles for cognitive decline by tracking lifestyle influences on cognition.


Onelife develops solutions that promote healthy behavior through digital products. Its latest product, Femisphere, guides mothers with children under the age of one between doctors visits and connects them with healthcare professionals when needed.


Patientus offers a platform for online video consultation and communication between doctors and their patients. It caters not only to initial contact, but also to second opinions and aftercare, thereby offering its patients a point of contact along the patient journey.


Preventicus develops products that capture and analyze health parameters for early preclinical risk screening. One of its products uses a smartphone's camera or smartwatch to capture atrial fibrillation, a major cause of stroke.


Sympatient develops a virtual reality solution for psychotherapy. It offers a completely new form of prevention and therapy for people who suffer from anxiety disorder.


Our collaborators


The AGAPLESION non-profit corporation was founded to strengthen predominantly Christian health institutions in a demanding economic and competitive situation. AGAPLESION includes more than 100 facilities nationwide, including hospitals and care homes, that offer support to more than one million patients per year.


Barmer offers first-class services in private health and nursing insurance and is one of the two largest health insurance companies in Germany, with over 9 million insured.


GWQ Service Plus AG is a services company founded by a corporate health insurance fund. It offers a community platform for medium-sized health insurance companies, for which it develops innovative solutions to improve its members’ business and quality of care. The customers of GWQ represent over 12 million insured in Germany.


medatixx develops solutions for efficient medical practice management and takes a leading position as a provider of ambulance software, MVZ software and software for doctor practices in Germany. In over 21,500 surgeries, MVZ and outpatient clinics, more than 35,000 doctors and approx. 70,000 practitioners work daily with software solutions from medatixx.


Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. For more than 160 years, Pfizer has been developing and driving innovative drugs and vaccines, as well as some of the world's best-known non-prescription products.


As one of the largest private hospital groups in Germany, Sana Kliniken AG is an important provider in the field of integrated health services. Sana provides over 2 million patients in 53 hospitals, offering top medical care across a wide range of services.


Signal Iduna offers a wide range of individual and target group-specific insurances for private customers and corporate clients. Its Health Insurance is one of the five largest private health insurers in Germany.


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is one of the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide and the world market leader in generic medicines. With Ratiopharm, Teva Germany owns one of the most widely used and well-known pharmaceutical brands in Germany.


The family-owned company Thieme is one of the major providers of books, magazines, electronic media, services and services related to medicine and health as well as the adjacent natural sciences. For many decades the name Thieme has stood for reliable quality and seriousness.


The Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (UKB) is a highly specialized clinical centre for the treatment of severely ill patients and for the rescue and rehabilitation of severely injured persons with over 600 beds on 20 stations. UKB is divided into 25 specialist areas and provides more than 87,000 patients in Germany every year.


The vfa is the German business association of pharmaceutical companies conducting research. It represents the interests of 42 of the world's leading research-focused pharmaceutical companies and over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates in health, research and economic policy. The members of the VFA represent more than two-thirds of the entire German pharmaceutical market.