Flying Health is the leading ecosystem for next generation healthcare

Made of bits and bytes

We pioneer business in next generation healthcare. By guiding industry leaders and entrepreneurs in our Pioneer Program we work at the forefront of tomorrow’s healthcare.

The Flying Health Pioneer Program helps industry leaders navigate the digital healthcare system, offering an ecosystem for innovative value chains based on experienced corporate foresight for business in the next generation of healthcare.
Working with innovative health startups we focus on market access strategies and design new business models for the future of healthcare. We provide a great network within our ecosystem and enable fruitful partnerships.

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For Corporates

In our Pioneer Program we work closely with industry leaders as they find their role and opportunities in digital healthcare. All our partners are dedicated to innovation. We provide an ecosystem for trailblazers, offering knowledge, a well-connected network and an impetus towards execution: we want the business of tomorrow to happen today. We constantly screen the market to detect early signals of future trends in healthcare and other industries. We connect the right people on projects and collaborations. Are you interested in hearing more about our Pioneer Program? Write to us at

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For Startups

We support emerging digital health startups in the next generation healthcare market. We offer a market access engine for innovative digital health products by bringing all relevant players together in our ecosystem. Our goal is to bolster startups through our expertise, network and experience. We would be happy to get to know you and your startup, and to hear more about how you are transforming digital healthcare and what you are looking for. Contact us at

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For Strategic Partners and Investors

We believe that the next generation of digital health applications are Digital Drugs, which are made of bits and bytes. Digital Drugs address the causes of a disease rather than its symptoms, typically through training, stimulating or modulating specific parts of the nervous system. Our products are medically proven and developed by scientists with the highest ethical standards. Our current areas of focus for Digital Drugs are ophthalmology, mental and neurological diseases, as well as immunology. We’re looking for strategic partners and investors to develop new products and enhance our pipeline. If you’d like to find out more about a partnership, write to us at

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