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Together with our partners, we are pursuing the vision of a digital, sustainable, and accessible future of healthcare. Within our ecosystem, we build bridges between startups, corporates, and relevant stakeholders, transforming industry leaders and entrepreneurs into healthcare pioneers. Our work combines extensive consulting expertise and innovative trend research that enable closing the gap between healthcare and technological innovation. Together with our partners, we create strategies, business models, and networks that shape the next generation of healthcare.

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As an ecosystem, we want to include all players and their diversity within the healthcare landscape to create a lively and sustainable network: both startups and established companies, aiming to shape the next generation of healthcare should find their home at Flying Health.

This network approach opens up a variety of perspectives on future trends and market developments, which offers our partners a differentiated understanding of the current and future market conditions.

Discover the focus topics and formats we offer for your industry.

Digital Health Startups

Are you developing products in the fields of DiGA/Digital therapeutics (DTx), telemedicine, digital diagnostics, decision support, etc.? We support you in making your innovative solutions successful on the market. We are hands-on and advise with our in-depth market knowledge on all matters of business development, market access, marketing & sales, as well as fundraising or exit.

GreenTech Solutions

We are the partner for green & climate tech companies that want to conquer the healthcare landscape. We support you in understanding the healthcare market and your target group, creating the perfect pitch, growing your customer base and increasing your visibility as a green health solution provider.


We advise pharmaceutical companies on the strategic use of digital health tools such as DiGAs/Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and digital diagnostics, develop data strategies to leverage the potential of the changing health data landscape, create a clear understanding of how digitalization can transform marketing & sales in the long term and support government affairs to shape policies in the field of digitization and sustainability.


In close collaboration with academic institutions, we initiate new research projects with partners from the healthcare industry, strengthen the impact of technology transfer and entrepreneurship centers ( e.g. through accelerator and incubator programmes), and develop new formats for future-oriented education and to complement study programs.

Health IT

Health IT companies have the opportunity to close the future gap between the increasing demand for care services and the shrinking resources of HCP capacity with their innovative products. We support them in creating a clear vision of the future market developments, to strategically develop their portfolio, and to position themselves as solution partners in the market.

Consumer Health

Innovative technologies overcome the boundaries between the 1st and 2nd health market, creating new business cases for players in the field of consumer health. We help to transform this potential into new business models and to further develop the portfolio through targeted investments, M&A, and commercial partnerships.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

We help healthcare investors to identify trends and targets early on to anticipate opportunities and market developments. We are active in both buy-side and sell-side M&A and use our industry expertise to bring the right partners together.


MedTech companies deliver high-tech products for better medicine. We support them in their positioning within a connected, digital, and sustainable healthcare market. To do so, we act as a door opener to relevant stakeholders and create innovative interaction formats to enable collaborations on relevant trends topics such as advanced medicine in times of demographic change, artificial intelligence & robotics, or sustainability.

Health Insurance

We support payers in becoming the best partner for their customers while mastering their future healthcare challenges: Health insurance companies are in a strong position when it comes to sustainability - we support them in using the right levers and set priorities. In the field of digitization, we use digital health technologies to ensure high quality and efficient healthcare despite demographic change.

Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers are united by the challenge of three investment-intensive future topics: demography, sustainability, and digital transformation. Together with our partners, we develop strategies, actively scout for solution partners, and create projects that enable tangible change in hospitals, clinicss, and beyond.


We offer healthcare companies and stakeholders a wide range of services in the three modules Membership, Advisory, and Date Ecosystem, enabling our partners to benefit from a tailor-made service portfolio ranging from an exclusive membership to individual advisory services and the development of new use cases for healthcare data. The following section provides an overview of our ecosystem services.

Flying Health Membership
Flying Health Advisory
Flying Health Data Ecosystem

Our Startup

We love innovations and are always looking for exciting startups for our ecosystem partners.

If you are looking for collaboration opportunities within the healthcare landscape, you can contact our team directly via the startup database form. In an initial meeting, we want to learn more about you as a team, the product and your business idea. Following that, all information will be added to our Startup Database. If a Flying Health partner is looking for startups in your field of expertise, we can quickly find and connect you.

To make the most of our first call, we have prepared a few questions to help us better understand your idea and business model. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Around 50 industry partners and a broad and lively startup community are at the heart of our daily work. Within our projects, we support our partners in developing new strategies, solutions, and collaborations in the fields of digitization, sustainability, and demographics. Our advisory approach offers new perspectives and impulses, a clear view on the future of healthcare, and exclusive opportunities for network building. A variety of references and case studies underline the impact of our work.


We are convinced that demographic change, digitalization, and sustainability are the three key drivers for next generation healthcare. On our newsroom, we highlight the different angles of these topics and show how industry leaders can seize this opportunity to shape the future of healthcare. 

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Digital Health

Digital health is getting mature: from reimbursement opportunities for digital health and care applications (such as DiGA/DTx & DiPA) to large investments from hospitals via the Hospital Futures Act (KHZG) and new milestones in digital infrastructure. Politics frameworks and policies pave the ways to a digital future in healthcare with electronic health records, health data usage also via the EHDS and digital healthcare. While some players are now focusing on roll-out and scaling, others are still at the very beginning when it comes to understanding how a digitalized healthcare system will impact their value creation, how digital health data can be used in a value-adding way, or which tech trends are already on the horizion. In our blog, we share our know-how and visions on these topics, e.g.:

Green Health

With around 5% of CO2 emissions, the healthcare sector is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. New regulatory frameworks and the energy crisis put the topics of sustainability and climate resilience at the top of management’s agenda. We show how sustainability can be implemented within the healthcare industry, what opportunities and risks need to be considered, and which innovative solutions and trends in the field of green health can be identified. Our blog articles deal with the topics of:


Demographic change is underestimated in its massive impact on the quality and accessability of care: In a few years, we will feel the painful results of the increasing care deficit due to shrinking capacities of healthcare professionals and an ageing population. Demographic change will affect all players – not only hospitals and clinics, but also the industry must adapt to a changing market environment with new solutions and coping strategies. It requires technologies that have the potential to close the care gap. On our blog, we share industry-specific analyses on topics such as: