Flying News: medatixx and Honic cooperate to enhance medical research

We are pleased to announce that our Flying Health partners, medatixx and Honic, have entered a strategic cooperation, which is great news for the German research and data landscape. Through this cooperation, medatixx’s healthcare data will also be made available for research on Honic’s data platform in the future – creating one of the largest platforms for real-world data (RWD) in Germany.


  • The collaboration of medatixx and Honic is thus align with a current trend: The Health Data Use Act (GDNG), which came into force in March 2024, aims to enable and simplify the use of real world data from healthcare in a research context.
  • Through the cooperation, the anonymized care data from over 2,000 HCPs on medatixx’s own platform x.panel can now be researched in combination with additional data sources on the Honic platform in a GDPR-compliant manner. In total, healthcare data from 10 million patients will be available via Honic in the future.
  • These data can essentially be used for various research projects – including those by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, or AI developers – but each individual research request must first pass a compliance process. As part of this, patient organizations and scientific representatives have a veto right before specific data is anonymized and made available for concrete research projects in Honic’s analysis environment.

We congratulate medatixx and Honic on this significant step, which makes an important contribution to the broad availability of health data in Germany. For any questions, please feel free to contact our Senior Consultant, Dr. Rabea Stockert.