Position paper: Artificial intelligence in healthcare

We are pleased to present our position paper on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, developed in collaboration with Sandoz in Germany. We are convinced that AI-based applications have significant potential. In order to harness this potential, all involved stakeholders should engage early on in understanding the implications that AI will have on the overall system and specifically on them.

  • For physicians, AI primarily offers the opportunity to free up capacities. These can be invested in more intensive care of patients and the development of new skills in dealing with AI. Patients benefit from AI in the form of improved care, which they can additionally support through active participation and the provision of health data.
  • For the industry, AI represents both support and new challenges, especially in the field of research and development. Efficiency gains in clinical trials are juxtaposed with increased complexity in the production of personalized therapies. Building analytical capabilities for the optimal use of AI is crucial.
  • Payers play a key role and can guide patients and doctors towards AI-supported care through reimbursement incentives and information offerings. At the same time, AI provides payers with the opportunity to realize efficiencies, close care gaps, and contribute to a more efficient and resource-friendly healthcare system.

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Karen Piontek