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In our Innovation Studio, we develop solutions and products for Next Generation Healthcare. Therefore, we provide hands-on support along the entire journey – from design thinking, and conceptualization to the final product launch.

In our Innovation Studio, we develop solutions and products for the next generation of healthcare. We work with our partners from the initial product idea to the final launch of the solution. Following the motto “form follows function”, there are no limits in our way of working.

We support our partners in developing thWe conceptualize new ideas with our partners and develop a clear understanding of the problem to be solved, how the solution can look like and with which value proposition we jointly compete in the market.eir strategy and sharpening their future business plans. In doing so, we focus on innovative business models to position companies in Next Generation Healthcare.

We create a clear business plan that turns a concept into a business model clarifying items such as governance, financing, stakeholder analysis and go-to-market strategy.

We use this phase to further validate the assumptions in the business plan using our know-how and extended network until we can make a go- or no-go decision for implementation.

We start the implementation in a suitable legal form and take responsibility for the organization, the product and the commercial success together with our partners.

Our Studio

Initiative for a German Genome Foundation

We are currently experiencing a rapid medical and technological progress in genetics, but this is hardly reaching health care and scientific research. While other countries are developing major initiatives to build government-initiated genome databases and international companies are creating a popular B2C offering for genetic testing, citizens in Germany have little access to better care based on genomic data.

Together with an interdisciplinary group of experts, we have launched an initiative to establish a foundation for genomic data to enable a citizen-driven, trust-based data management, thereby leveraging the use of genetic data in standard care and accelerating genome-based research.

Our vision: Every person in Germany has full control and trust over the use of his or her genomic data and contributes to making progress in prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on genetic information compatible with personal rights.

AI Project: Predictive AI-based Workforce Management for Hospitals

The requirements for personnel management in hospitals are becoming increasingly complex due to the shortage of personnel on the one hand and increased regulatory requirements on the other hand. During the AI Innovation Days, which we conducted in collaboration with Fraunhofer IKS, a challenge was dedicated to solving this problem.

The idea is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to more accurately predict staffing needs based on a large variety of factors. The aim is to avoid critical overload situations by a better prediction and the tailored workforce management. We expect a higher employee satisfaction, which will improve the quality of treatment and reduce costs. The project partners currently create a detailed MVP concept with the aim of presenting the current state of work at this year’s Healthcare Hackathon at the university hospital Mainz.