Flying Health and L21s close partnership for eHealth platforms

We are delighted to welcome the digital health company L21s as a new member of our Flying Health ecosystem.

  • Founded in 2020 and based in Berlin, this startup is a platform builder for the eHealth and Insurance industry. As a consulting company, L21s supports its clients throughout the lifecycle of their digital product or platform. Their product portfolio covers a wide range, including technological projects, traditional web development, data and interface integrations, mobile smartphone apps, and cloud projects.

  • L21s goes beyond the usual scope of digital agencies by incorporating deep industry knowledge from both the healthcare and insurance sectors, complemented by years of expertise in digitalization.

  • Specific hands-on examples include cooperations with insurance companies, hospitals and residential care homes. For example, L21s created a cutting-edge platform for its clients to seamlessly exchange health data between insurance companies, doctors and policyholders.

We are delighted to welcome the L21s team to our ecosystem and look forward to working together as we pave the way for future eHealth platforms.