Flying Health and Probatix close partnership for the future of laboratory testing

We are delighted to welcome the digital health company Probatix as a new member of our Flying Health ecosystem.


  • Founded in Berlin in 2019, Probatix connects medical facilities and pharmacies with laboratories and patients for safe and efficient Point of Care (PoC) and laboratory testing. With more than 1,500 public facilities of the public administration, laboratory, and private healthcare sector, the solutions provided by Probatix enable digitized test and diagnostic management, contributing to a connected healthcare system during and after the pandemic. Fully digital workflows and laboratory connections enabled the processing of almost 30.000.000 diagnosis during this time.


  • The platform solution provided by the digital health pioneer enables a digital and automated process of booking, laboratory order placement, diagnostic findings and reimbursement for all players involved in the care pathway. Most importantly, it puts patients into the position to digitally access and understand their own health data. The processed data is transferred and shared exclusively in Germany – DSGVO-compliant and TÜV-ISO-certified – via existing systems and interfaces between doctors’ practices, pharmacies, laboratories, and patients.


  • With Probatix, we are delighted to welcome a digital health pioneer to our ecosystem that supported laboratories and patients all over Germany with its products during the pandemic and now continues to develop its services for future-oriented healthcare.


We are delighted to welcome Probatix as a new member of our ecosystem to jointly enhance connectivity in the field of PoC and laboratory testing!