Flying News: We Welcome Wemedoo as a new member of our Flying Health ecosystem

We are pleased to introduce Wemedoo AG as the newest member of our network. The Swiss startup is a pioneer in the field of clinical data processing with a focus on oncology, combining innovative technology with clinical understanding to optimize healthcare in the digital age.


The Unified Clinical Data Management approach profoundly combines clinical practice and clinical research, which opens up new opportunities, such as new knowledge or better treatment outcomes. The AI-powered SaaS solutions define the holistic collection, analysis, provision and exchange of clinical data in real time. Wemedoo offers two products:


  • The product oomnia is a fully integrated software solution for the management of clinical trials, which seamlessly combines all necessary tools such as EDC, eTMF, RTSM, CTMS in a single system. Data can not only be collected from all electronic sources (eSource), but can also be networked with external data sources and made interoperable. The software enables instant collaboration and decision-making across all phases of clinical research. These characteristics significantly reduce the time and money required of clinical trials for sponsors, CROs and academic institutions (
  • The product oopus is an interoperable oncology information system (OIS). It enables real-time data collection, analysis, and decision-making across all clinical paths, workflows, and disciplines. By integrating external real-world data (RWD) and eSources, the software enables the linking of clinical information to research and promotes seamless and comprehensive data usage (

With its solutions, Wemedoo aims to set new standards for efficiency and quality in patient care and research. Due to its unique data structure and quality, it forms a robust foundation for many other clinical AI applications.


We are proud to welcome Wemedoo to our network and look forward to the exciting innovations they can bring to the German healthcare industry. Learn more about the solutions on www.wemedoo.comFor any inquiries or additional information, the Flying Health Team is available at your convenience.