Flying News: The Alliance of Municipal Major Hospitals (AKG) e.V. is partnering with Flying Health to launch a central innovation scouting initiative

We’re excited to join forces with the Alliance of Municipal Major Hospitals (AKG) e.V. to establish a central innovation scouting initiative. Our aim is to provide all AKG member hospitals with a unified and structured access to innovations.


  • The AKG hospitals comprise over 20 municipal major hospitals from across Germany. They play a crucial role as employers and healthcare providers in their respective regions, contributing to nearly 10 percent of Germany’s total inpatient acute care. Through their collaboration, the AKG hospitals position themselves as influential voices in health policy and offer a platform for mutual exchange and internal benchmarking of performance and key metrics for their member hospitals.
  • Our collaboration with Flying Health focuses on innovation. Together with the AKG hospitals, we aim to identify innovative solution providers and tailor them precisely to the specific needs of the member hospitals. This initiative is a collective response to the significant challenges currently facing hospitals and acknowledges the necessary changes in the hospital landscape. “We lack both the personnel and financial resources to sustain healthcare provision in our hospitals without fundamental changes,” emphasizes AKG Managing Director Nils Dehne. “We need faster and more systematic access to innovative solutions for new care concepts.”
  • Solution providers offering suitable products, processes, technologies, or business models for the AKG can now register for the innovation process on the official AKG innovation portal, provided by condat. Upon passing the examination by the committee, there is the opportunity to implement one’s own innovation within the framework of direct cooperation with one or more of the 20 municipal major hospitals. 


We look forward to collaborating with the AKG and its member hospitals, confident that together we can further improve inpatient healthcare provision in Germany. For inquiries and further information, the Flying Health Team is available at any time.