Position paper: AI Applications in Stationary Care

We’re excited to announce the release of our new position paper with a focus on AI in Inpatient Care, developed in collaboration with VMware by Broadcom.

The topic of AI is currently on the rise and offers immense potential, particularly in the complex healthcare sector, hospitals stand to benefit immensely from responsible AI adoption. Our paper provides a comprehensive insight into use cases in both the medical and non-medical sectors and shows the extent, to which these are already being implemented and what developments can be expected in the future.

The following issues are being addressed in the position paper:

  • The discussion surrounding the topic of AI in the inpatient sector swings between hype and reality. While recent advancements may accelerate the arrival of once-distant ideas, data privacy remains a looming question mark. Could this technology revolutionize healthcare, or will it stumble over ethical hurdles?
  • Studies paint a promising picture: AI-powered systems could save time, costs, and improve patient safety, alleviating the burden on medical personnel. But what tools are available, what benefits do they offer, and can they seamlessly integrate into daily care?
  • To unlock the full potential of AI in healthcare while ensuring its safe and responsible application, several crucial aspects need careful consideration. What are the ethical implications? How can we ensure patient privacy and data security? How can we best train and integrate these systems into existing workflows?

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Dr. Rabea Stockert

Senior Consultant



Alma Dautovic

Junior Consultant