We Welcome ATOSS as a new member of our Flying Health ecosystem

We are very pleased to extend a warm welcome to ATOSS Software AG as a new member of the Flying Health ecosystem.


  • ATOSS Software AG is a trendsetter and innovator in the Workforce Management market. Their digital solutions enable more creative and intelligent work, enhancing employee satisfaction. The streamlining of personnel management through enhanced efficiency and transparency serves to alleviate the workload on staff. Besides a high industry expertise in healthcare, a total of 4 million employees worldwide, including those in sectors such as trade, logistics, and production, benefit from ATOSS solutions.
  • The German healthcare system faces numerous structural challenges, including chronic personnel shortages, hospital reforms, and new personnel assessment guidelines such as PPR 2.0 or PPP-RL, among other factors. From a Workforce Management perspective, the focus will be on providing employees with an environment that offers what all workers desire most: more time for patients. New Work and exponential technological developments, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, provide unprecedented opportunities to lift efficiencies and drive innovations at all levels.


  • Last year, Flying Health collaborated with ATOSS Software AG, University Medicine Mainz, and Fraunhofer IKS on a joint project to develop an AI-based forecast for future staffing needs in specific stations of University Medical Center Mainz, presented at the Healthcare Hackathon in Mainz. The ongoing collaboration with Flying Health will accentuate the utilization of AI for personnel planning, leveraging historical occupancy data from the Hospital Information System (KIS). The goal is to enhance the existing prototype to provide optimal support for these complex processes in clinics. The “Mainzer Lösung” will soon be seamlessly integrated into the standard ATOSS solution.

We are excited to welcome the ATOSS Software AG team to our ecosystem and collectively enhance workforce planning in healthcare using the latest technologies.

Quelle: ATOSS Software AG