Position paper: Capacity-enhancing innovations in medical technology

We are pleased to publish the position paper “Capacity-enhancing innovations in medical technology,” produced in collaboration with Edwards Lifesciences. Together, we have looked at how capacity-enhancing innovations can help free up and reallocate resources to improve care.

  • The deficit German hospital infrastructure, staff shortages as consequences of demanding working conditions and post-pandemic effects, increased costs due to inflation, as well as demographic changes, are burdening the healthcare system.
  • These challenges call for new strategies to make optimal use of existing (human) resources without compromising the quality of care, employee and patient satisfaction. A promising approach is the use of capacity-enhancing innovations, which can bring efficiencies across the continuum of care, even across sectors.
  • Capacity-enhancing innovations have the potential to release material and human resources that can be reallocated to improve the care of e.g., complex patient cases. As of today, unfortunately the added value of capacity-enhancing technologies is not systematically incentivized.


We are convinced that this has to change and that that a political approach is necessary to promote and support capacity-enhancing innovations in decision-making processes.

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Dr. Rabea Stockert

Senior Consultant



Karen Piontek