Flying News: PVS Westfalen-Nord and docport enter into a Strategic Partnership

We are delighted to announce the investment of Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Westfalen-Nord GmbH (PVS WN) in docport GmbH. PVS WN is investing a seven-figure sum in the Essen-based start-up. At Flying Health, we are proud to have supported this transaction in an advisory capacity in collaboration with the law firm BRL BOEGE ROHDE LUEBBEHUESEN.


  • Leveraging extensive experience in outpatient healthcare and requisite expertise, the founders of docport offer a digital infrastructure specifically tailored for medical practices. This infrastructure covers administration, billing, analytics, and is specialized for independent medical practices.


  • The “Praxis-as-a-Service” concept by docport provides medical process knowledge along with IT infrastructure and all necessary technical equipment. The practice management system and other services are installed as a ready-to-use package in the medical practice and maintained remotely.


  • Thus, docport enables doctors to start their own fully digitalized practice or upgrade an existing one. The core product integrates hardware, software, and practice processes and can be modularly expanded with additional services such as digital workforce planning, automated billing, and business analytics.


With the funding from PVS WN, the expansion of the team and the nationwide scaling of the business model can be accelerated. We congratulate all parties involved and thank you for the excellent collaboration. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions or further information.