Flying News: Heartbeat Medical Value-based reimbursement contract PROvalue enrols over 4,000 endoprosthetic patients

We are pleased to announce that our Flying Health Community member, Heartbeat Medical, has achieved another significant milestone. The value-based reimbursement contract PROvalue has enrolled over 4,000 patients just 19 months after its inception and has expanded to encompass 47 supporting health insurance funds.

  • The objective for the PROvalue programme, initiated in 2022 by the value-based healthcare company Heartbeat Medical and Techniker Krankenkasse, is the continuous assessment and improvement of patients’ quality of life. Following an expansion to 13 hospitals and 47 health insurance funds, almost 2 percent of all hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty procedures in Germany will be covered by PROvalue Endo.
  • Heartbeat Medical’s preliminary findings from the first 4,000 participants in PROvalue Endo show a response rate of 92 percent and a relevant effect on care. Not only do an average of 15 percent of PROM surveys trigger a threshold-based telephone follow-up by the hospital, but an average of 30 percent of calls also result in additions to the care pathway.
  • Despite its growth and the additional initiation of the PROvalue Endo Plus programme, which specialises in pain management, the PROvalue programme maintains consistency in the core data sets and threshold automations. This allows granular and risk-adjusted analysis across healthcare sites of different characteristics and enables the creation of a secure and high-quality data pool for the further development of the PROvalue programme and the evaluation by the German national Institute for Quality and Transparency in Healthcare (IQTIG).

We congratulate the Heartbeat Medical team on this milestone and look forward to jointly shaping the future of outcome-oriented care all over Germany.


  • 13 providers specialised in endoprosthetics offer the digital PROvalue Endo programme
  • 47 health insurance funds, which cover 60 per cent of people with statutory health insurance in Germany, support the outcome-oriented PROvalue quality contracts
  • Quality contracts developed according to §110a Social Code allow individual contractual agreements between health insurance funds and service providers
  • Breakdown: baseline measurement to establish the current status followed by an intervention phase
  • Current inclusion in the overall project: >4000 patients

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About Heartbeat Medical        

Heartbeat Medical is a leading partner for implementing digital Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), creating quality  real-world data solutions and realising value-based reimbursement schemes. Patient-reported outcomes are collected directly from patients via standardised digital surveys and processed to provide insights into treatment effects and health-related quality of life. By continuously embedding the insights gained from PROs into individual treatment pathways, Heartbeat Medical enables value-based healthcare (VBHC) and value-based reimbursement (VBR) initiatives. Founded in 2014, the company has already digitally supported over half a million patients.    

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