We Welcome Merz Therapeutics as a new member of our Flying Health ecosystem

We are happy to welcome Merz Therapeutics as a new member of the Flying Health ecosystem.


  • The Merz Therapeutics team seeks to address the unique needs of people who live with movement disorders, neurological conditions, and other health conditions that severely impact their quality of life. To improve patient care, access to information and treatment outcomes, Merz Therapeutics continuously evaluates the potential of integrating digital health solutions into the patient pathway. 
  • Successful and diverse partnerships have been a key lever of Merz Therapeutics’ approach towards delivering meaningful solutions to the patients, as they believe that the best results come from combining resources, experience and perspectives.  
  • Merz Therapeutics is part of the Merz Group, a privately held, family-owned company striving to serve unmet patient and customer needs for 115 years. Today, the Merz Group focusses on the businesses Merz Aesthetics, Merz Therapeutics, Merz Lifecare, Merz Real Estate and Merz Financial Investments. 

We are happy to kick off our partnership with Merz Therapeutics and support them in widening their network and gaining access to innovative solutions that can improve patients’ lives on national as well as international levels.  


In case you have any questions about Merz Therapeutics or our partnership, please do not hesitate to contact the Flying Health team.