Doctolib joins forces with Siilo to help care teams work together

The digital health company Doctolib has acquired Siilo, the largest messaging app for healthcare professionals in Europe. Since 2020, Siilo is part of the portfolio of the investment fonds Heal Capital. This strategic step enables the companies to offer a comprehensive solution to care teams, empowering them with new collaboration services to improve patient care.

  • The digital health company Doctolib offers a suite of services to 340,000 healthcare personnel and 70 million patients – from online booking solutions to medical and clinical software. To facilitate better communication and collaboration among its practitioners, Doctolib introduced in 2022 ​‘Doctolib Team’, a secure messaging service for care teams, which has been seamlessly integrated into Doctolib’s desktop booking management system and electronic health record services.
  • Siilo was founded in 2016 and has become the go-to medical messaging application in Europe, empowering healthcare professionals to seek peer advice and collaborate on patient cases securely. With nearly half a million healthcare professionals exchanging 40 million messages per month, Siilo brings extensive reach and mobile expertise to Doctolib.
  • Siilo has been part of the portfolio of the investment fund Heal Capital since 2020. The fund was initiated by private health insurers and is managed in a joint venture by Eternity Health, the mother holding of Flying Health, and Heartbeat Labs.

We congratulate Doctolib, Siilo, and Heal Capital to this milestone and look forward to the further development of its platform “Doctolib Team”!

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