Flying News: Sana and FundamentalVR develop VR training for HCPs in the operating room

We are pleased to announce the collaboration of our Flying Health partner Sana Kliniken AG with the British Digital Health company FundamentalVR to the market.


  • Together with the digital health company FundamentalVR, which works at the intersection of immersive technology, haptics and machine learning, CareVR was developed for training healthcare professionals in the operating room. CareVR can be used to learn basic skills for working in the OR in a fun way. CareVR will be used in all Sana training centers in the near future and will soon also be available to external nursing schools.


  • The use of virtual reality (VR) in the training of healthcare professionals in the operating room increases the attractiveness and raises the level of training to a contemporary level. With the help of simulations, different scenarios can be depicted and the trainees can be prepared for real everyday life in the best possible way.


  • Sana Kliniken AG is one of the largest hospital groups in Germany. The company is one of the most important providers of integrated healthcare services. From prevention to outpatient and inpatient care, rehabilitation, aftercare, medical supplies and aids in medical supply stores as well as B2B services (purchasing, logistics, MedTech and management services), Sana has been providing patients, companies and external healthcare facilities with quality medicine and excellent services for decades. With over 120 healthcare facilities, including over 50 hospitals, and 34,600 employees, Sana Kliniken treats two million patients a year, both as inpatients and outpatients, and generates revenues of three billion euros.


We congratulate Sana Kliniken and FundamentalVR on the successful cooperation and the launch of CareVR and look forward to further developments!