Flying News: Sana Kliniken orders 200 digital assistance and telemedicine systems

We are pleased to announce that our longstanding Flying Health partner, Sana Kliniken AG, has placed an order for 200 digital assistance and telemedicine systems from the MedTech company Clinomic Group GmbH. This represents a significant step towards making the hospital routine more digital and future-proof.

  • For the multiple award-winning and certified solution Mona (Medical On-Site Assistant) from Clinomic, this order is the largest to date, involving the deployment and integration of over 200 terminals. This move further strengthens the strategic partnership between both companies, which initially included a pilot deployment of Mona Terminals and Sana’s participation in Clinomic’s funding round last July.
  • The Mona assistance and telemedicine system for intensive care units provides support to medical and nursing staff from patient admission to discharge. The terminals enable the complete documentation of patient data, including administered medications, clinical measurements, findings, and procedures. Data entry is performed directly at the terminal, sometimes even through voice input.
  • A structured user interface provides an overview of the patients’ condition, reducing the displayed information volume, thereby avoiding uncertainties regarding workflow status. Overall, Mona allows intensive care unit staff to better manage all clinical measures, while also reducing documentation efforts.

We congratulate Sana Kliniken AG and Clinomic on this significant advancement, which holds great importance for the technological progress in healthcare. We are proud to have Sana Kliniken AG as a partner, contributing to the ongoing digitalization of the healthcare sector for years.

Dr. Torsten Schwalm operates a Mona PDMS terminal on the ward in Hürth.

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About Clinomic:

Rooted in European intensive care medicine, medical digitization, and telemedicine, MedTech company Clinomic has been revolutionizing acute and intensive care medicine since 2019. The Clinomic Group creates innovative solutions for critically ill patients by combining translational medical research with modern technologies such as AI and data science. Clinomic actively shapes the transition towards an intelligent, efficient, and digital healthcare system.

About Sana Kliniken AG:

Sana Kliniken AG is a leading integrated healthcare service provider in the German-speaking region. The comprehensive healthcare services range from prevention programs to outpatient and inpatient care, extending to follow-up care, rehabilitation, and the supply of healing and assistive devices. In addition to B2B services in procurement and logistics, Sana provides consulting, implementation, and maintenance in the fields of medical technology and medical products, as well as management services for external clinics. In 2022, approximately 34,500 employees generated a revenue of three billion euros. Sana Kliniken AG comprises more than 120 healthcare facilities, including Medical Care Centers (MVZ) and 44 hospitals where around two million patients are treated annually, as well as more than 50 medical supply stores. The owner of Sana Kliniken AG, founded in 1976, is a consortium of 24 private health insurers. The company headquarters is located in Ismaning near Munich.